Do you want to work with ethical fashion brands

I had an incredible opportunity to collaborate with an inspirational woman, Molly, founder of Pink City Print.  After nearly a year of chatting about the shoot, Molly and I finally had a
chance to meet. It was one of those surprisingly sunny days in March, and over a coffee, we discuss her brand, her journey and passion for ethical fashion. Molly’s brand works alongside the artisans of Indian, these men and women are involved in every process of creating all the beautifully handmade garments. Molly also works closely with the Women’s Centre teaching them the embroidery skill to help them become more independent, and it creates a new way for the ladies to earn an extra income.

 An embroidered dress can take up to three days to complete, using natural fibre, cotton, silk, and hand-loomed Khadi cotton. Each piece is worked on by hand and completely unique. While shooting in the Canary Islands it got so hot I just had to put one on, and boy did it feel good! It was such an honour to be a part of this brand’s mission, which also reflects my mission. And to think, if I hadn’t followed her on Insta and if she didn’t reach out, then this opportunity might never have happened, but thankfully it did! And we produced amazing visuals that show off the astounding talents of the artisans of India. Check out ”The Process “.

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